Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Well, so much for being a unificator...

So, Ashcroft resigns and Alberto Gonzalez is going to be the new Attorney General, pending confirmation.

This is the same gentleman who said that the Geneva Convention seemed "quaint" and is stridently anti-choice.

I don't know if Bush could have picked a more divisive candidate.

Should make for some interesting television...

Monday, November 08, 2004

The Battle has Begun

Our soldiers in the Army and Marines have secured preliminary positions in Fallujah and are preparing to engage the insurgents to take back the city.

I won't deny I have been a critic of the Bush administration on Iraq. I think we should have dedicated these resources to Afghanistan. And, once this war was underway, Bush has done a horrific job of executing it. Our soldiers have been under-manned, resulting in a lack of security nation-wide. There has been a lack of armored vehicles and Interceptor vests that have directly contributed to soldier's deaths. And when our men and women come home, they aren't given the counseling and support they need to process through what they have encountered.

But we are stuck here now. And we have to make this work. And fumigating this nest of vipers is a big step in doing so. So here's hoping we go in hard and fast, maximizing their casualties to keep ours low.

God speed, boys.

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