Thursday, December 30, 2004

So who'll complain about the courts now?

An interesting scenario is playing out in the state of Washington. In the election for Governor, the Democratic nominee has won a hand recount by a bare 129 votes.

In response, the Republican nominee is calling for a special election and a possible court challenge.

Of course, this is utter crap. The Democrat won. But it will be interesting to see how the two parties respond to this. Who wants to bet that the Democrats will say the recount is final and no further action needs to occur? Who wants to wager the Republicans will claim the process is being subverted and that more recounts and legal action are the only way to settle this? One thing is for sure, neither party will care in the least that they took the opposites roles in 2000.

The only good thing will be that the hypocrisy, the utter lack of honesty and civic virtue and the blatant desire only to gain more power that permeates the two-party system will be on full display.

How much more has to happen before we see that neither party has an interest in serving the citizens, but only themselves? Yes, this is only in one state. But it is a reflection of the national system as well.

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