Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dredging the Depths

By now we all know about the farce that is the Jeff Gannon/Talon News/GOPUSA debacle.

GOPUSA set up a group called Talon News. Talon News hired a guy "named" Jeff Gannon to be their "reporter." He was granted press credentials into the White House Briefings with ease, depsite being denied Capitol Hill credentials. He would then ask the most ridiculous, Bush-biased questions known to man. The kind of questions, that, if Helen Thomas was asking them of Bill Clinton, would have sent the Freepers into shock.

Then it all unravelled. Jeff Gannon is actually named James Guckert. He is not a reporter, but a gay prostitute (nothing wrong with being gay, though I wonder how the Theocons will feel about it). Talon News was exposed for the sham it is. But the question remained, how did he get in there?

Then comes the next shocker. A member of the board at GOPUSA is named Richard Powell. He is married to Dina Powell. Mrs. Powell just happens to be the Assistant to the President as the White House Chief of Personnel and reports only to President Bush, Andrew Card and Karl Rove. (thanks to the Liberal Patriot for this news).

Oh really?? So a GOPUSA board member has access to the Sanctus Sanctorum of the Bushies through his wife. And then a faux-journalist from a faux-news agency that GOPUSA owns just happens to get a press credential into the White House?

This is foul on so many levels. It's a violation of the trust of the American People in their government. It's another example of the blatant disregard this Administration holds for the Fourth Estate (on top of paying the columnists). And it's, sadly, another example of how cowed the American Press has become.

Bloggers shouldn't have broke this news! As soon as "Gannon" asked those utterly biased questions (I mean, listen to them sometime. It may as well have been Ann Coulter), someone at ABC or CNN or CBS should have been suspicious. It would have taken maybe 20 minutes to do the work. And yet all they could do is piggyback on the work of the New Media.

Get off your asses, MSM!! Do your job! Who gives a flying f--- if you piss off Rove and the GOP. You have an obligation to uncover stuff like this. Quit acting like cowards.

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