Thursday, March 24, 2005

What is the greater offense?

Michael Schiavo wanting his wife to die with dignity and peace? Or the Republican Party using Terri Schiavo like a political pinata to score points with their base?

Okay, it's not a real question. The answer is obvious. The Republican Party has trampled federalism and common sense to do all in its power to manipulate Terri Schiavo into some idol for their "culture of life." Never mind that the courts have found consistently that she asked to be allowed to die in this situation. Ignore the fact that Michael Schiavo has refused million-dollar payments from right-wing sugar-daddies to relinquish his guardianship. If Delay and Jeb Bush want to make a political issue out of it, they'll do all they can and screw the lives it affects. And the governmental system it ignores.

SCOTUS has hopefully put an end to this, exhausting the federal remedy that never should have been explored. And hopefully people will remember this day, remember the way the GOP manipulated this situation for their own political benefit.

No one is happy that Terri Schiavo will soon die. But we can be thankful that she'll finally get the dignity she deserves. Rather than being used as a politcal marionette by Delay, Frist and the rest of the "life" brigade.

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