Friday, July 22, 2005

They don't get it

Apparently the terrorists are determined to make the same mistakes. You cannot cower the Brits into turning tail by detonating a few bombs. It only pisses them off and makes them more determined.

Another group that doesn't get it is the House of Representatives. They recently passed a bill to make permanent most pieces of the Patriot Act. An act that is supposed to be directed at terrorism, but can easily be used against average citizens as well. And is being abused already. Or have we already forgotten how the Justice Dept. claimed they have never used the provision that allows them to request library records, only to discover from a Univ. of Illinois study that they have used that provision over 500 times? Or how now your house can be searched without your knowledge.

So this law gets passed, but we still can't scan the cargo coming into our nation's ports. We spend 90% of our security budget on aviation, although all the latest attacks have been land-based. George Bush pays lip service to liberty, but wants this act renewed. An act that allows for secret courts and secret warrants. Wow, how American is that? It smacks more of 1930s Soviet Russia than 21st-century America.

In trying to defend this country against terrorism, George Bush has flailed about, doing most everything except what needs to be done. He attacks Iraq, although the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. He supports Pakistan, although they have a military dictatorship and fund the Wahhabi schools that create these sick animals. He signs into law bills to chip away at the freedoms of the average American, but doesn't secure the ports of our nation. He clamps down on legal immigration, and does nothing to secure a Mexican border when suspected terrorists have tried to cross into the US repeatedly.

So I propose a new name for the President. Since he so closely resembles a new literary figure, one who also is in WAY over his head, he shall henceforth be refered to as President Rufus Scrimgeour.

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