Friday, February 25, 2005

Banned!! (or my 13 minutes as a Free Republic Poster)

So it was around 11:30 or so last night. I was bored. And I had just read about the US Episcopal Church being asked to leave an Anglican Community committee over the whole Gene Robinson flap.

Now, you should know two things. One, I am an Episcopalian. Two, my parents are heavily involved in the Church, and they have met Gene Robinson. He is one of those men who really personifies the phrase "walks with Christ." He is truly touched by God.

So you know that I think this entire uproar is a bunch of crap. The Bible says nothing about homosexuality. Jesus never said anything either. But what about those "real" Christians over at Free Republic? What would they think?

So I went over. Of course, they were happy about it, making comments about Robinson removing himself from his "lover's backside" and the like. Your basic ignorant gutter talk. So I decided to repsond.

I signed up, and started to respond. Of course, my comments weren't popular. I said they were hardly being Christian in their repsonses. Then someone said that Jesus condemed homosexuality.

This, of course, is an utter crock. So I asked the poster to specifically show me where he said that. I also said that we should pay more attention to what Robinson's parishoners in N.H. feel about all this than a bigoted Archbishop in Nigeria.

And then, all of a sudden.....*poof*

I was banned. Total elapsed time: 13 minutes.

I didn't violate their TOS. I used no profanity. I belittled no poster. And yet I was kicked out. I can only assume it's because when actually challenged on their beliefs, they crumble like a Ritz cracker.

So, if you want to have a hoot, head over to the Free Republic and see if you can beat my time. Remember, no profanity or insults. You have to get banned simply by challenging them to back up what they say.

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