Saturday, July 09, 2005

The War Goes On

As London and England recover from the horrible bomb blasts, one cannot help but think that the terrorists have made a critical mistake.

Unlike Spain, the English don't roll over. They took a daily bombing from the most fearsome war machine the Earth has ever seen for four years. They fought a 103-year war over land in France. They picked a fight with the Russians in the 19th century apparently because they could. And when they faced colonial insurgencies, such as the vicious Mau Mau, they eradicated them root and branch.

So who was the genius in Al-Qaeda who thought that a few train bombs would scare off the English? If anything, they've kept them in it as a result.

Undoubtedly, this was tied to the UK's involvement in Iraq. So, we come to the question again: Is Iraq a part of the War on Terror?

The answer: Yes...now. And that is a critical distinction that must be made. Iraq is a front in the War on Terror. And you'd have to be blind to say otherwise.

BUT, it is one only because Bush and his boys turned it into one. Iraq became an issue only after Bush launched his ill-conceived, ill-planned, horrifically executed attack on Iraq with no plan on how to finish the job.

And this is the message the Democrats are failing to get across:

"Bush started this war. Bush created the mess in Iraq. Terrorists are being bred and trained there because of Bush's attack. He should have finished the job in Iraq.

"But that doesn't change the fact that terrorists are in Iraq. So what do we do? We implement the plan to have 3,500 NATO troops seal the Iraq-Syria border. We talk to the generals on the ground and get accurate troop requests. We make damn sure that our soldiers have the equipment they need to get the job done.

"We prosecute war profiteers like Haliburton, for making money at the expense of our citizen-soldiers. We set a series of benchmarks that must be met to make our withdrawal from Iraq logical, because a timetable only encourages the terrorists to hold on. And then we make sure that we make those benchmarks.

And finally, we hold Bush's feet to the fire to answer for starting this war in Iraq in the first place. A war that didn't need to be fought. A war that exacerbated terrorism globally, and detracted from the real war on terror in Afghanistan. We make Bush answer to the fact that he is trying to curb civil liberties through the Patriot Act while not securing our borders, our ports, our transit systems."

Now, is this a hard message to get across? And why aren't Democrats making it? Their unwillingness to confront Bush and being willing to commit to finishing the war in Iraq is allowing Bush and the Theocrats who run the GOP to survive.

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